August 15, 2018


I think I am beginning to understand what nesting is. We bought our house just before Bubba was born and I was adamant that we weren't going to unpack our boxes until after we painted the entire house, yes the entire house. When we came home from the hospital a lot of stuff was everywhere and still in boxes, so I didn't really go through the nesting phase.

This time around though, I am definitely nesting. I have this desire to purge and go through everything and I mean everything. I want to go through the cupboards, closets, boxes in the garage, the bookmarks on my laptop and all the files saved on my computer and our server. We need to update our insurance, resell items we no longer use and meet with an attorney to draft up a will. I want to digitize all of our cds, yes we still listen to cds. I want all of our projects finished: staining the fence, repairing the chicken coop, cleaning the garage, fixing my car (the alarm has randomly been going off at all hours of the day), pressure wash the house and walkways. I want my pantry shelves filled, the canning done and meals in the freezer when this baby comes. It doesn't help that I am a neat freak (that's a trait I inherited from my Dad and I am grateful for it) and that everything in my house needs to stay clean in the process.

Then there are the fun things I want to do like hike, camp and paddle board before this baby comes.

I have been feeling quite overwhelmed lately and have been struggling to find a balance between the need to get done list and the fun list. I decided to unplug from social media for a week to try and help me get stuff done and it's been working. I'm not sure how long my social media fast will last for but it sure has been nice.