August 13, 2018

A Wedding & Silver Creek Falls

This weekend was fast and furious. Andy had Friday off and so we were able to get some things done that had been needing attention. We stayed up until 2:00 am Saturday morning canning applesauce, we hadn't planned on staying up that late but we wanted to get the apples finished. We were up at 7:00 am and out the door before 8:00 am to head up to Portland for my cousin Cooper's wedding. He was sealed to his sweetheart Natalie in the Portland Temple. We are so happy for them and proud of the decision they made to be sealed in the temple. You could tell that Cooper was really happy, he was all smiles.

After the sealing we took photos outside on the temple grounds and it started to rain. Bubba loved the rain! He ran around splashing in the puddles.

Then we headed to a buffet in Beaverton for lunch. Bubba ate a little bit, but he was mostly interested in grabbing all the "dirty" napkins he could find and putting them in the trash-- this is one of his favorite things to do. Strangers got a kick watching him. A few people stopped me to ask what we were all celebrating and what church we went to, it's always fun to have missionary opportunities.

There was a break between the luncheon and the reception so we went to look at a double B.O.B. stroller, it came home with us. Then we headed to our hotel to try and catch a few ZZZs.

The reception was held outside in a family friends backyard, it was beautiful! I was amazed by how many people attended the reception, it was a good turnout. I loved being able to visit with a lot of my extended family.

I found these gems on Andy's phone of Bubba at the reception, they aren't the best quality but I love them! My baby isn't a baby anymore. 

After the reception we headed back to our hotel for the night. Bubba was adamant that he was not going to sleep in his pack and play so we pulled him up into bed with us-- I am not sure how other people do this, it was a very crowded queen sized bed (our bed at home is a king). None of us slept well that night. Bubba kept putting his face in my armpit and kicking Andy, it was rough.

Bed head.

The next morning we went down to the hotel pool to swim, Bubba loved it! They had a pool that came up just past his waist, it was perfect. As he was running across the toddler pool to Andy, he ended up stumbling and his face went into the water. A split second later his legs were pointing down, his mid section was floating on top of the water and he put his arms down to try and push himself up, but they didn't reach the bottom of the pool-- thankfully Andy was able to pull him out of the water before he inhaled any of it, drowned or freaked out. The Lord was looking out for us.

Looking extra pregnant this day.

We decided that since we were in Salem, we might as well make the most of the day and enjoy spending time together as a family. We headed to one of our favorite hiking trails that was nearby, Silver Creek Falls. We strapped Bubba into the backpack and hit the trail. Bubba loved the waterfalls! I tried taking some pictures of him and Andy and Bubba refused to look at the camera, his eyes were locked on the waterfall behind him. When Bubba wasn't looking at waterfalls, he was stealing Andy's hat and knocking on his head like it was a door-- silly boy!

You could tell that we were hiking during the dry season, one of the big waterfalls was non-existant and the vegetation was covered in dust from all of the people who have walked the trail this summer.

I loved being able to take in the beauty around me. God really is the master creator. I can't help but marvel at the plants and vegetation and think of God when I am out in nature. I am grateful to live in such a beautiful place.

When it was all said and done we hiked about five miles. Bubba did great! I was a little worried about how he would do in the backpack, this is the longest hike we have taken him on so far. I think it is safe to say we were all very tired and ready for bed by the time we got home.