October 30, 2017

Haunted Hay Ride

This week was a rough one for all of us, we have all been sick. Daddy stayed home sick from work for three days. Daddy and I took turns sleeping, this illness makes us incredibly tired. We are praying that we get feeling better soon.

Playing "tickle" with Mommy.

When your uncle leaves his underwear at your house, this is what happens.

We did do one thing that was fun though, we went on a haunted hayride. Don't worry, you did great Buddy! You even made friends with a little girl dressed as a sparkly unicorn, you kept smiling at her, it was super cute to watch!

A tired little bug.

As far as development goes, you have started walking along furniture- tables, chests, nightstands, etc. You have also figured out how to walk while pushing a chair. You are one smart little boy!

We discovered you love pickles!

Our street. Love this view!