October 21, 2017

Bubba At 11 Months

Each milestone you reach leaves me in shock. I can't believe how fast you are growing up and how quickly time is passing us by. In just one short month you will be year old and somehow that doesn't even seem possible. It seems like it was just yesterday that you were born.

You are such a sweet little boy and we just love you. Your smile and laughter light up the room. Your dimples and big bright eyes melt peoples' hearts. You are such a good helper, you help me shut the doors (dishwasher, dryer, cupboards, closet, etc) and you help Daddy turn the lights on and off. Each day you help us feed the chickens and collect the eggs. When I'm loading the dishwasher, you are often found unloading the dirty dishes onto the floor. You are such a good eater and will eat just about anything. You love to each vegetables, fruit, bread, Cheerios, cheese, beans, homemade chili and freeze dried yogurt. You are not a fan of the baby food dinners and I don't blame you, they taste like cardboard. Sometimes you share you Cheerios with Daddy, it is sweet.

You love going on walks each day and visiting the neighbor's dog. You have gotten really fast at crawling and like to get into whatever you can. You are getting better at pulling yourself up and standing when you have something to hold onto.

You love to cuddle at night and I just love that! Stay sweet, my sweet little boy!