July 3, 2017

The Library, Swimming, Blue Pool & Cousins

We have been to the library several times since you were born, but this was our first time going to story time. I wasn't sure if you would enjoy it or not, but figured we might as well try going once. You surprised me, Bubba, you absolutely loved it! You screamed with delight as we sang songs, your new favorite is "Wheels on the Bus." You loved taking in all of the other kids around you and listening to the librarian read some stories. You had a blast! We will definitely be going back.

Bubba received a package in the mail from friend Shannon's mom.

The hat and dinosaur are handmade--so sweet!

We also took you swimming for the very time. We went to the Tamarack Pool for "Baby Swim" and you were the only baby there. You absolutely loved the water! We spun in circles and you giggled with delight. We will have to take you swimming again sometime soon!

Blowing up his shark floaty.

Me and Bubba.

Daddy and Bubba.

Family photo.

We planned to hike Blue Pool on Saturday with your baby friends and Mommy's cousins- the key word in that sentence is planned. Last summer there was a fire near Blue Pool and a lot of the trail heads are still closed. When we reached what we thought was supposed to be the trail head we were greeted with a sign that said "closed" and directed us to drive back down the mountain.

Each time we tried to turn into a new area the trail either wasn't there or we were greeted with another "closed" sign. What was supposed to be a fun day turned into an incredibly frustrating ordeal. I cried. We didn't have any cell service and had no way of reaching our friends or family members, I felt we had failed them and I bawled.

Eventually we saw a car pulled off on the side of the road and we pulled up next to them. Daddy got out and spoke with the men in the vehicle. They told us that they had stopped at the ranger station and the gal at the desk told them to pull off where we had and walk across the dam and that it would tie in to the trail. Seeing that we didn't have any other ideas or solutions to our problem that is what we did.

Looking hippy and ready to hike.

On the trail.

We loaded you into the Ergo and started across the highway and dam before linking into the trail that would lead us to the Blue Pool trail head. This first trail was very much a mountain trail with lots of ups and downs. Mommy carried you during this portion of the hike, almost every person we passed said, "Good job Mama!" I think they were surprised to see a Mama out in the woods.

After hiking several miles we eventually reach the Blue Pool trail head and parking lot. I asked Daddy to go look for a Jetta (knowing that is what my cousin drives). As Daddy started walking down the line of cars he found the Jetta with a note stuck to the window for us- we were in luck, Mommy's cousins were still here!

We resumed hiking and soon ran into Mommy's cousins, they were kind enough to go get our car for us and park it in the parking lot so we didn't have to hike an additional 2-3 miles to get back to it.

Then we ran into our baby friends. Everyone was relieved to know we were okay.

We continued on our way and eventually made it to Blue Pool. The water was stunning! Bubba, you enjoyed eating cucumber and watching Daddy feed the chipmunks.

The pool.

The area around the pool was pretty crowded and Justin Bieber music could be heard- in some ways this kind of ruined the experience.

Bubba and I.

Bubba and Daddy.

I don't think we will do this hike again for quite some time, maybe next time though you will be big enough to go swim in the pool with us.

When it was all said and done we hiked 6-8 miles.

Then we headed to Bend to spend time with the family. We enjoyed eating at Bend Burgers, walking along the river and just hanging out. The time went quickly and we were sad to say goodbye. Hopefully we can see everyone again soon.

Cade, Kelsey and Bubba.

Andy and I.

Jessica, Ben, Uncle Todd, Aunt Renee and Rishel.

Jessica, me, Rischel and Aunt Renee.

Andy, Uncle Todd and Ben.

Bubba and Brittany.


Brittany, me and Bubba.

Photo bomb by Jessica.

The Face.

When we got home we walked down the street to say goodbye to Miss Aubri. Miss Aubri is going to be in Brazil for the next year and a half serving a mission for our church. Neither of you liked saying goodbye to each other, we will miss her a lot!

Carrots are good!