July 17, 2017

A Trip To Washington & The Dirty Dash

It was a big week for us, Little One. You and I went on our first road trip together without Daddy. It was just you and me in the car for what felt like foreverrrr.

Who needs clothes?

Destination: Miller Manor
Location: Washington State
Purpose: To Visit Mommy's Childhood Best Friend
Expected Drive Time: 5 Hours
Actual Drive Time: 7 1/2 Hours
Screaming: Endless

Several months ago Betsy told me that she would be visiting Washington for a week in July. It had been nearly two years since I had seen my best friend and I jumped at the opportunity to see her.

Monday morning we hit the road, we weren't on the road very long before the screaming started. I tried everything I could to calm you, while driving, but nothing worked. We ended up stopping so I could figure out what was going on. I should have guessed, you had a wet diaper. You fell asleep shortly there after in the car and we made it through the nightmare that is known as Portland traffic- it took us about two hours to drive roughly twenty miles.

We crossed the state line and the screaming started again, we stopped so many times that I can't remember how many times we even stopped. You cried because you were hungry. You cried because you had a wet diaper. You cried because you were tired of being in your car seat. You cried because you were tired of listening to my book on tape. You cried because you wanted to see my face. And then there was the time you cried and nothing I did would console you and almost instantaneously you pooped and puked all over both of us- by all over, I mean all over. I changed your clothes but couldn't do anything about my own. I was a mess by the time we reached Miller Manor.


On the Orting Trail.

A happy bear cub.

We spent the next two days eating delicious food, staying up way too late, dancing, walking on the trail, looking at wild flowers and visiting with Betsy, her family and Mommy's siblings. We had a fabulous time! We wish we could have stayed longer but we knew we needed to get home to Daddy.

The drive home was much like the drive up. I think we were both relieved when we pulled into the driveway and were finally able to get out of the car and stay out of the car.

Napping with Mommy.

Sleeping with your legs in the air is the only way to sleep.

I thought you were going to be ecstatic to see Daddy, but you only wanted me. You acted as though you didn't know who Daddy was- it was sad.

*I'm not sure why all the photos of you are when you're sleeping.

It had been several months since Daddy and I were able to go on a date- on Saturday we changed that. We dropped you off at Scott's house and Daddy and I headed up north to run The Dirty Dash. Daddy and I ran The Dirty Dash in Utah several years ago, we had so much fun that we thought we would do it again.

I think we had more fun running the race this time than we did the time before. We threw mud at each other, danced in the mud and swam through the mud pits, it was SO MUCH FUN! 



We are both looking forward to doing this race again in the future. Someday when you are bigger, we will do the run as a family.