February 15, 2017

Resouces For New Moms In Eugene & Springfield

Having a new baby at times can be hard and challenging. It's even harder though when you don't have family nearby. As a new mom I have discovered a lot of resources that are available for little to no cost to new mamas. I frequently find myself sharing the things I have learned with other new parents, so I thought I would share my findings on the blog.

1. If you create a baby registry with Target, they will give you a free goody bag and 15% off of the remaining items on your registry.
2. Shop second hand (yard sales, Offer Up, eBay, Craigslist) before the baby comes. People will often give a first time pregnant mom good deals. We scored on a crib for $15.00 and it retails for over $170.00 We picked up a Rock 'N Play for $10.00 and it retails for over $70.00.
3. Daisy Chain is amazing! You have to go in and sign up in person before your baby is born and notify them once the baby comes. During the first two weeks after your baby is born they will send a lactation consultant and doula to your home to help you for a total of 10 hours. Everything is completely free and is not based on income. They even have a thrift store and you can take whatever you want for free as long as you are signed up with them.
4. Sign up with the formula companies (Similac, Enfamil and Gerber) they will send you coupons and free formula in the mail.
5. They're are always coupons online for diapers- use them! Diapers are expensive.
6. Parenting Now has all kinds of parenting groups. The classes cost money but scholarships are available. It's nice to be able to talk to other parents going through the same thing you are.
7. All My Children has a sale once a month where everything is $0.25. You have to dig through these big storage containers but they have some really nice stuff for cheap.
8. The Itty Bitty Boutique Sale is a must! The sale happens every six months out at Camp Harlow. First time parents can shop the night before the sale opens but you must register before hand as space is limited. They have everything from strollers to toys to clothing. It is super organized too!
9. The Springfield Library will give your baby two free books. The library also has story time for babies once a week.
10. If you live in Eugene you can sign up for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. They will send you kiddo a free age appropriate book each month until the age of 5. That's 60 free books!
11. There is a non profit called Hike It Baby. It is a group of mama's who get together to go hiking with their babies. I haven't tried it out yet due to my baby being so young but look forward to it in a few months. The cost associated with this group is $10.00 for a year.
12. Another program in the area is called Well Mama, they offer free support to mom's struggling with postpartum depression.
13. WIC is also a really cool program. They will send you vouchers for food (beans, milk, cheese, cereal, etc). This program is based on income.
14. The great breast pump ordeal- When I had Bubba I was given a prescription for a breast pump. The problem was nobody in town would accept our insurance and I didn't want to spend over $300.00 for an electric pump so for 6 weeks Bubba was exclusively breast fed without the aid of a pump. At six weeks old he was re-admitted to the hospital for seizure like activity. As I was talking with one of his nurses about breastfeeding she said the hospital had a pump I could use. I told her I had never pumped before and explained why and she seemed surprised. Not only did she teach me how to pump, she told me I could keep the parts to the pump and suggested looking on Craigslist and Facebook to see if someone was selling a pump for cheap. She suggested using my new parts and a used motor. We found a pump that had only been used for 1 week for $35.00. We threw out the parts that the previous owner had used and attached my new parts-- good as new! We will be forever grateful to that nurse. Moral of the story- when you have your baby ask your nurse to teach you how to pump and keep the parts just in case nobody will accept your insurance for a pump.
15. Lansinoh nursing pads are the best in my opinion and are cheapest on Amazon.
16. A wise friend advised me to take everything home from the hospital that I could, you're paying to be there might as well. I took home things like lanolin, soothing gel pads for nipples, thermometer, extra pads, diapers, wipes, etc. 

Products we can't live without:
1. B.O.B stroller (found it on Offer Up for a fraction of the price)
2. Rock 'N Play (found at yard sale for $10)
3. Baltic amber anklet (Etsy- it helps with drool)
4. Medela breast pump (see story above)
5. Ergo 360 (eBay)
6. Pacifier (I didn't plan on giving Bubba one of these, so glad I have though)