February 13, 2017

Poop Jail

The week started out with a bang! While Daddy was changing your diaper one night you decided to poop in his hand not once, but twice. And then it sounded like it was raining in our bedroom, we quickly realized you were peeing. You peed all over Dad's pillow-- it was soaked! When you were done, you smiled. Mommy laughed so hard she cried. Daddy said he was going to send you to "poop jail." Don't worry, Mommy didn't let that happen.

Bubba & Ellie The Elephant.

My Little Frenchmen.

We went back to the doctor this week because you didn't put on much weight the week before. You put on six ounce, you still in the 19th percentile but the doctor was okay with that since your percentile didn't go down anymore. You are one tall baby! You are currently in the 100th percentile for height. We often wonder how tall you will be? But we can wait to find out, please don't grow up too fast!

Papa came to visit this weekend too! He was so nice and helped change your clothes and diapers. He played with you and held you. We just love our Papa!

Bubba, Papa & Mommy.