August 16, 2016

The Chronicles Of Narnia

When I was a child I remember walking into a local thrift store and picking up the entire Chronicles of Narnia series for $0.70. Talk about a good deal, right? For whatever reason, I never got around to reading them, one of my siblings latched onto the books and that was that.

This year I made it one of my goals to read the entire series, it's taken me several months but I finally accomplished my goal. For those who may be wondering, the only time I really get to read is on my lunch breaks at work, life is just too crazy right now.

I definitely liked some stories more than others, but overall the series was amazing! I look forward to reading the stories with my own children someday. One thing I loved was how much the series mirrors the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation-- definite plus in my book. Looking back, I wish that Disney had started with The Magician's Nephew when the started making the movies. This particular books adds a lot to the entire series and was one of my favorites.

Are these books worth the read? Yes, yes, yes!