August 25, 2016

Adventures In Home Buying

Today we bought a house! We are home owners! It is crazy!

Just finished signing the papers.

We have talked about buying a house for sometime, but it always seemed like it was something that would happen sometime in the distant future. When we found out we were expecting, we knew we needed to find some place bigger to live.

Andy talked with our bishop, he works at a bank and used to be in the mortgage business. He suggested that we talk with a particular mortgage brokerage. Andy made a call and setup an appointment to meet with a gal on a Monday night. The meeting went really well. She asked if we had a real estate agent and we told her know, so she recommended someone. Andy called the agent the next day but was unable to make contact. He called her again on Wednesday and she sent us a bunch of listings. We went through the listings and picked out seven houses that we were interested in seeing and e-mailed her back.

The next day when Andy spoke with the agent she said that half of those houses went to closing overnight. She told us that there is a housing shortage in the area and houses aren't typically on the market for more than a week. She setup appointments for us to go see the remaining houses on our list on Saturday.

We looked at 4 different homes and felt particularly drawn to one. The agent told us to think about it and to give her a call tomorrow if we wanted to put an offer in.

We drove to the temple that night to pray about our decision. Things felt right so Andy called the agent the next day after church and said we wanted to put an offer in. The agent said someone just put an offer in on the house but it hadn't been accepted yet. She said we would have to work fast and she would see what she could do. She was on the phone with our mortgage broker in a matter of minutes, they came up with a game plan and we submitted our offer.

The next morning our offer was accepted. Within one week we got preapproved, found an agent, found a house, put an offer in, and had the offer accepted. That's pretty crazy!

We were told to expect problems to come up as that is normal, but there weren't any problems. We know this is where we are supposed to be. We feel like the Lord has guided us here. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us.

After we signed the papers for the house, we went to get a cashiers check for the down payment. On our way back to drop off the check there was an accident.

The rolled vehicle is in front of our silver car.

The very short version of the story is that a car was t-boned. When the car got t-boned the driver accelerated, the car flew past us on the shoulder, clipped the curb and rolled right in front of us. It was pretty surreal! I pulled out my phone and called 911 and Andy went and pulled a man out of the car. Three people and two cars were involved in the accident, one person was taken to the hospital but everyone was okay.

We aren't sure how or why but danger always seems to find us. We are so grateful we were kept safe and that we were able to help the people who were involved in the accident. The Lord truly is mindful of us.