March 7, 2016

Weekend In Review

This past weekend was a blast!


When Andy got home from work, we hopped in the car, grabbed some food, and headed to the temple. We made it to the temple in time for the last session of the evening. We really enjoyed ourselves and the spirit that permeates within those sacred walls. Taking family names seems to somehow always make the experience that much sweeter.

By the time we got home it was after midnight, it was a very long day!


My Mom came down to visit. She had mentioned she wanted to go thrift shopping and thrift shopping we did. Thrift shopping with Mom doesn't mean just going to one store, it mean going to store, after store, after store. That is just what we did. We did manage to sneak in some lunch somewhere along the way.

Mom, Me & Andy

We found some really killer deals. I found a steam canner for Mom. Andy found a really high quality croquet set for $3.00, we always manage to break the mallets. As I was walking through one of the stores I looked down and noticed the corner of a table-- that was all I could see because it was covered with stuff. I stopped dead in my tracks and called my Mom over. We pulled all the stuff off the top of the table and all I could do was stare at it. I was in complete and udder shock. I called Andy over and I continued to stand there and stare at this table.

About 15 years ago parents bought me an armoire from Thailand. This armoire has served a variety of purposes over the years but currently acts as my book case. My Dad has a matching chest that I have been eyeing for years, but he hasn't decided I can have it yet.

So back to this table, it perfectly matches my armoire. Down to the color of the wood, the hardware, and rivets. The only thing that was different, it came from the UK.

As you may have figured out by now, I bought the table. I have never ever bought a piece of furniture on a whim before, my Mom was even surprised I bought it. Thankfully, it went on sale two days before I found it. It is now proudly on display in our living room.


Andy and I went to church. The testimonies that we shared were very powerful, the majority of them focused on missionary work. I love missionary work! I feel so much joy when I share the gospel that is near and dear to my heart.

While we were at church Mom gave our living room a makeover. The style of the table didn't go with some of the previous things we had in our living room.

When we got home, Mom had already left. She had sent a text and told us she wished she could see our faces. When we oped the front door our mouths just dropped! It's amazing what a new piece of furniture and a few other touches can do to a room.

Our living room looks a lot more sophisticated and we love it! Thank you so much Mom!

Sunday night the missionaries called and asked if Andy and I would be willing to go teach a lesson with them that evening. We were excited to go and had a wonderful time! The sister we taught it going to be getting baptized next month, we are so excited for her!