March 21, 2016

My Birthday

My Birthday was low key this year and that was okay with me. My brother and his girlfriend drove down for the weekend and my Dad flew down for the day (it was supposed to be a surprise but someone spilled the beans, oops!).

We spent the morning chatting and visiting with one another, grabbed a bite to eat, and then went to the Daffodil Festival. The festival wasn't at all what we were expecting. I grew up down the road from daffodil fields and anticipated seeing fields of daffodils at the festival, sadly no fields were to be found.

Andy, Me, Dad, & Jake.


Look at those teeth.

Dad got lucky, the llama let him pet him.


Love this cute little pink car.

There was a band playing jazz music, carriage ride, a classic car show, llamas, flowers for sale, and lots of vendors selling handmade goods. I enjoyed watching the llama and looking at the classic cars. Dad bought me some daffodils, it's a tradition.

We spent the evening playing croquet and frisbee.