September 21, 2015

Weekend In Review

This past weekend was a lot of things: awesome, spiritual, fun, awesome, spiritual, fun. Did I mention awesome, spiritual, and fun? I think those words might sum it up pretty well.


We woke up early Saturday morning (who does that?) and drove to Portland. Our first stop was the temple. I have spent a lot of time over the last year working on genealogy and had quite the stack of family names that needed sealings done. I had scheduled an appointment for us,you can't just go in to the Portland Temple and do sealings. I think they had planned to have us join a ward for sealing, but we had so many names that they found some temple workers to help us and had a sealing room all to ourselves.

There was such a peaceful feeling in the temple. I loved being able to knee across the alter from my husband, it reminded me of when we were married. It was such a neat experience to seal our ancestors to each other, there were many times when it felt like they were there.

I am so grateful that we have a temple relatively close to where we live. I am grateful for the gospel, I don't know where I would be without it in my life. I am grateful for families and the love and joy they bring into life. I am especially grateful for my family and all that they teach me, for their love, support, and laughter. I am grateful the sealing power and the knowledge that families can be together forever.
My favorite temple.

Pretty flowers.

Aren't they beautiful?

More pretty flowers.

And some more.

One tired and happy girl.



Me + You = US!

Love him!

I just love my crazy, goofy husband. He really is the BEST!

As we went to leave the temple, we took some time and walked around the grounds. The flowers were so beautiful and they smelt amazing! Just another reason to go to the temple I suppose.

We grabbed some lunch at Wendy's (they don't have any in Eugene) and then headed to Powell's. We perused the books and I found one I had been after for some time. We sat down and read some of our favorite children's books to each other for awhile: Fancy Nancy, The Rainbow Fish, and Everybody Poops. You can't help but laugh while reading these books, we had a lot of fun!

Then we hit up the Good Will. I found the coolest thing at the Good Will-- it was a Mason Jar turned seasoning shaker. I seriously need to start a thrift store find section on the blog.

Next stop, the Asian store where we stocked up on some of our favorite unhealthy snacks.

Our final stop was Sportsman's Warehouse to get some fishing gear for Andy's upcoming trip.


Sunday was just a good day! We went to church and were spiritually fed and spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out with each other. I love Sundays!