September 23, 2015

The Cokeville Miracle

Recently my sister called to talk with me on the phone. While we were talking she mentioned this movie called The Cokeville Miracle. She said that our family had gone to see it while they were visiting Utah and they liked it so much they went and saw it again (I can't think of a time my family has ever done that--that's saying something).

She said they watched the movie one evening for a church activity and it was amazing! She told me that Andy and I needed to watch it sometime.

When we were up in Portland one weekend we picked it up at Deseret Book. We got home late that night and popped it into the DVD player. We didn't really know what the movie was going to be about and we didn't have any expectations going into it.

We were both floored! The story was very powerful and moving. This movie is definitely in our top 5 for movies.

Without ruining the movie, the premise is about a small town in Wyoming. The elementary school is taken hostage by a mad man with a bomb and guns and the bomb goes off.

We watched the movie with the Young Women one night and they laughed and they cried. They thought the movie was super good. For a few of the girls the movie really hit home, their aunt was one of the children in the school when the bomb went off.

If you haven't seen this movie, it is one you need to see.