June 16, 2015

Weekend In Review


My sister Megan came down to spend the weekend with us. Saturday started off with a hot breakfast (whole wheat blueberry pancakes, turkey bacon, scrambled eggs and orange juice). Since we both work early in the morning we often don't have time to make pancakes, they are more of a weekend treat for us.

After breakfast we headed out on the town to do some shopping. Megan was on a mission to find a laptop and we failed, the hunt continues.

We made up for our failure at Goodwill and St. Vinnies. My family is kind of obsessed with thrift shopping and we found some awesome deals--more to come on that later.

We took the car into the shop to get it's tire fixed, we ran over a bolt/screw. Grabbed some lunch and did some more thrift shopping before heading home to feed the missionaries dinner (dill chicken, rice, green beans, salad, blackberry rhubarb crisp & ice cream).

The rest of the evening was spent planting flowers and talking about life.


We went to church Sunday morning. We came home and ate, smoked some salmon, played some card games and helped Megan pack up.

The weekend went by too quickly, some reason it seems like that always happens. We are super glad Megan made the trip down to see us, it meant a lot! It's always fun when the family is together.