June 1, 2015

Temple Challenge

We learned several months ago that the youth in our ward would be making a trip to the temple in May and Andy and I challenged them to find a certain number of family names to take with them on the trip. The youth surprised us and passed our predetermined goal- we now owe them a party. They has so many family names that we weren't able to get them all done this temple trip. We couldn't be more proud of the youth in our ward! They are such good kids!

Andy and I were able to go to the temple with the youth and we brought a few of our own family names. I love taking family names to the temple, it makes the temple experience that much more personal. I set a goal last year to take a family name with me each time I went to the temple and it has been a very worthwhile goal and experience. Taking a family name to the temple is something I recommend everyone try.

The temple holds a special place in my heart. I love being able to enter into the house of the Lord and feel the peace and calming presence that resides there. I learn so much at the temple and even though it is far away I look forward to making the trip to Portland as often as we can.