January 31, 2015

Teaching With The Sister Missionaries

The sister missionaries text me and asked if I would like to help them teach a lesson to one of our less active Young Women. I had never gone with the sisters to teach a lesson before and was super excited to have the opportunity to join them!

We talked about the Plan of Salvation, the 4th Article of Faith, and the sacrament. The sisters shared something that they had recently learned about the sacrament that I had never heard before. They asked if we knew why the sacrament is covered with a white cloth before it is blessed. I had never thought about this before and found myself stumped. They proceeded to share with us that it is symbolic of Christ in the tomb. I thought that was super fascinating.

The overall discussion went very well. I feel that I got to know this particular girl in our ward better and I hope she will continue to come back to church.