January 11, 2015

Fort Bragg, California

We spent a day in Fort Bragg and had a lot of fun! The weather was great and the beaches were beautiful! We went to two different beaches. The first beach had a nice boardwalk and tide pools for exploring. We showed Tanner little crabs and tried to get him to poke a sea anemone with us, he poked one and it sprayed water at him. I don't think he liked that very much.

Tanner on the boardwalk.

Andy showing Tanner a sea creature.

More exploration.

Andy, Trent, & Tanner.

The next beach we went to was called Glass Beach. Back in the day a dump site was located where the beach now is. Clean up efforts have been made for many years to preserve the tide flats. There is a lot of old rusty metal along the tide pools and things like sea anemones have a hard time surviving and the watery takes on a rusty hue. The old dump site though is where all of the glass comes from that makes the beach beautiful!
We really enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful glass! 

Glass Beach.


Tanner and Kirsten.


Me, Tanner, & Andy.

We spent the evening playing mini golf with the crew (Trent, Kirsten, Tanner, Andy, & me) and had a blast! We'll just say we had to get some more balls, ours ended up in the water and flying over the fence. Opps!

Kirsten and Tanner.

He knows where the ball is supposed to go.


Trent. Andy is cheating in the background.

I wish we had another day or two to spend in Fort Bragg. I guess that means we will have to make a trip down there sometime in the future.

On our drive home we stumbled across Paul Bunyan and Babe the Big Blue Ox. Some reason I seem to recall seeing these guys when I was younger...

Farewell California! You were good to us!