April 14, 2014

Pi Day

Have you ever heard of Pi Day? Can’t say that I had heard of Pi Day before coming to Utah. Pi Day is kind of a big deal down here. Lots of workplaces order pie for the employees and people invite their friends over to eat pie. Friday night our neighbors (Aaron and Jessica) invited us over to eat pie and play games. They made a strawberry balsamic pie and some sort of custard/cream pie. Both pies were amazing! I’m going to have to get their recipes.

After we stuffed ourselves with pie we went over to Andy’s friend’s house for “Nerd Night” as I like to call it. All of the guys and their wives sat around and played Magic. For some reason I am not intrigued by the game and have no desire to learn how to play it. For me, “Nerd Night” was kind of boring but Andy really enjoyed himself. He loves Magic and is always coming up with new decks and wanting to buy more powerful cards.