April 10, 2014

My Aloe Vera Plant Gets A New Home

Several months ago I became the proud owner of an aloe vera plant. My aloe vera plant has been good to me, there is nothing like putting fresh aloe vera on a sunburn. Recently my aloe vera plant really started to grow and the roots started to come up out of the pot. Andy and I decided that it was time to get a bigger pot for our plant. I went to Target to see if I could find a cute pot but I didn’t find what I was looking for.

I decided to try Lowes, the lady working in the Plant Department suggest that I buy cactus soil for my plant and a 10 inch pot. I started looking at pots and couldn’t seem to find one to match my living room. I asked her if I could spray paint a terracotta pot (I have never thought terracotta pots were cute) and she said, “Yes. Just don’t paint the inside of the pot.”

Next stop, the paint department. I found a nice can of purple spray paint and headed home with my new pot and cactus soil.

When Andy got home, he helped me spray paint the outside of the pot purple. Once the paint dried, we put on a clear coat and transplanted my aloe vera plant. My plant is loving its new home. It has grown a ton recently. I’m beginning to wonder if I should have bought a bigger pot.