March 31, 2014

The Monster Truck Show

Dad, Nathan and Russell came to visit. They stayed with us February 14th through February 16th. When they arrived on Friday night the boys were really tired, so they went straight to bed. Dad, Andy, and I stayed up late talking.

The next morning Russell and Nathan helped Andy and I make breakfast. For breakfast we had buttermilk pancakes, turkey bacon, green smoothies, and some fresh fruit. Instead of using eggs to make the pancakes we made chia eggs, Russell helped me with this. As I went to dump the chia eggs into the pancake batter Russell said, “Ew! You put poop in my pancakes!” It was really funny, we all laughed. It wasn’t very funny though when he didn’t want to eat his breakfast because he thought his pancakes had poop in them. Don’t let the chia egg deceive you, the pancakes were really quite delicious.

After breakfast we headed up to Salt Lake for the monster truck show. Right now Russell is in a monster truck phase, he absolutely loves monster trucks. He saw a commercial on TV for the monster truck show and made up his mind that he needed to see it. Dad said he would fly down for the weekend if we agreed to go to the show with them, it was a surprise for the boys. During the car ride the boys kept asking where we were going but we wouldn’t tell them, we kept telling them it was a surprise. We walked into Energy Solutions Arena, the ticket taker scanned our tickets and Russell asked him if this was the monster truck show. Naturally the man said, “Yes, this is the monster truck show. Oops, what that supposed to be a surprise?” Yep it was a surprise, oh well.

As we walked in to take our seats, Russell heard a monster truck and turned and booked it out of the room and down the hallway. Andy and I chased him down and helped him put ear plugs in his ears before taking him back in to watch the show. He loved watching the monster trucks. I personally enjoyed the dirt bikes better. 

Russell covering his ears before we went into the arena.

Russell sitting on Dad's lap while covering his ears.

Russell covering his ears.

Me & Andy.

A Monster Truck.

Two Monster Trucks. Check out the Scooby Doo Truck, it was awesome!

Me, Dad, Russell, and Nathan. Gotta love the camera phone.
 Our next stop was Trader Joe’s, we grabbed some food and then drove to Draper to drop Dad off at Marcello’s house (Marcello is Dad’s old mission companion). Then we went to Nordstrom Rack to grab me some new shoes, you can never have enough shoes.

When we got home we had a roast waiting for us in the crock pot. While I was getting everything ready to eat Russell said, “When are you going to have a baby?” I replied by saying, “Do you want us to have a baby?” He nodded his head. Then I asked him what he would name our future babies and he said, “Russell Gregory Jennifer or Grave Digger.” Grave Digger is the name of his favorite monster truck. Then Russell asked us where babies come from. Andy told him that Heavenly Father sends them and I told him that Heavenly Father puts the babies in the mommy’s tummies. He seemed content with that answer. Nathan and Russell said they had never had roast before, I find that hard to believe. Russell doesn’t like potatoes but we convinced him to try sweet potatoes and he loved them. He ate his spinach really quickly, he said it was really good. Both boys seemed to enjoy the roast, we will have to feed them roast again in the future.

Then we played board games with the boys until we went to bed. We had to bribe Russell and Nathan with a dollar to get them to play with us. We told them that whoever won would get a dollar, Russell won and let out a really loud cheer to celebrate his winning. I thought he was going to wake up the neighbors but they said they didn’t hear anything.

The next day, we went to church and then Dad and the boys left. It was sure good to see all of them, Russell seems to be bigger every time I see him. It makes me sad that he is going up, I don’t want him to get bigger. Hopefully we can see them again soon. I sure do enjoy spending time with my family, even if it is only for a few days.