March 29, 2014

Ice Skating

The weekend of February 8th was spent getting things down around the house and running errands. Andy’s cousin Blake and his girlfriend Amanda came over and we all went ice skating down at Peaks Ice Arena. The ice arena was very packed, I have never seen it so full before. Andy and I had a great time skating! I’m not sure if Blake and Amanda had fun, they hung out by the wall quite a bit.

I really enjoy ice skating but I’m not sure I would go skating a Peaks Ice Area again. The skates that I rented had a big chunk of padding missing so I asked for another pair. The second pair of skates wasn’t much better than the first. I think next time we go skating it will be somewhere else. I am proud to say that Andy and I did not fall down while on the ice, this is an improvement from the last time we went skating.