February 6, 2014

Swimming & Christmas Lights

The day after our anniversary we both felt pretty bloated from all of the food we had eaten. I suggested that we go swimming to try and get rid of the bloated feeling. We both threw on our swimming suits and headed to the pool.

I absolutely love swimming, I'm not the best swimmer but I sure enjoy being in the water. It feel so good to swim. Believe it or not the swimming actually helped our tummies feel better.

After we were done swimming, we hopped in the car to head home. I suggested to Andy that we go on a drive around to look at Christmas lights before heading home and he consented. We took turns deciding what streets to turn down, before too long we found ourselves in a part of town that we had never seen before. We had a lot of fun exploring and looking at the lights people had put up on their homes. There is something magical and peaceful about Christmas lights that makes me feel warm inside.