February 7, 2014

Soldier's Hollow

On December 21st I helped the youth in our ward with a service project. For our service we assembled gift baskets, wrapped presents, and delivered them to the designated families. I had a lot of fun getting to know the youth and other leaders better as we served people in our community.

After the service project Andy and I grabbed one of the Young Women (Diamond) in the ward and headed to Salt Lake to do a little Christmas shopping. Once we finished our shopping we headed to Soldier’s Hollow to go inner tubing.

This was Diamond’s first time ever going to Soldier’s Hollow and I think she really enjoyed herself.  For one of our last runs, we decided to go down the hill together and made a chain with our tubes. As we were racing down the hill Diamond’s tube met a gigantic icy snowball. The force of the snowball on Diamond’s tube was so strong that her tube flew backward. I thought the snowball hit her in the face and knocked her off her tube. To my amazement Diamond’s tube was still attached to our chain and Diamond was still on her tube. The snowball hit her leg pretty hard but she was okay.

I really love going to Soldier’s Hollow, inner tubing there is something I look forward to every year.