February 4, 2020

Update On Bear

About four weeks ago Bear started walking, by walking, I mean walking. He had taken a few steps here and there. But one day, he up and just walked across the room and he hasn't slowed down since. The last few days, he has been trying to run.

Our entire family has been home sick the last several days, so Andy has had a chance to really see the two boys interact. Yesterday, they started playing what looked like tag. Later in the day, Bear grabbed onto the back of Bubba and they walked around the house like a train engine pulling a car-- it was super cute!

Bear has added a few new words/phrases to his vocabulary list this week as well. We've heard him say, "Wow" and "Bye bye."

This little boy has a love for music and likes to bop along to the beat. He currently likes the Piano Guys. He also, really likes animals.

Bear has a love for remotes, mouses, keyboards and cell phones. He likes to take the batteries out of them (yes, he knows how to get them out) and he carries them around like they are prized possessions. We have to keep a super close on him when he does this because he likes to try and put the batteries in his mouth. With his love of electronics, I can't help but wonder if we have a baby nerd in the making.