August 17, 2019

A Moment Frozen In Time

Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of life I forget to stop and take in the little things. Yesterday morning there was a marine layer of clouds for some time. I took the boys outside and we watered the garden (this is usually Andy's job in the evening but he didn't get to it the night before). We picked raspberries, gave the chickens some water, checked for eggs and then I took a few moments to just watch Bubba. There was a small butterfly in our yard. When the butterfly spread its wings they were white and when it closed its wings they were green and blended in with the plants. Bubba saw the butterfly and he gleefully chased it all over the yard with his arms stretched towards the heavens saying, "Catch bubbafly." Each time he got close to it, he would squeal with delight. I loved watching the sheer joy on his face as he pranced around the yard in his green rain boots, gray shark shorts and blue dinosaur shirt. I didn't have my phone or a camera on me but this is a moment this is imprinted in my mind and on my Mommy heard that I don't want to ever forget.