June 15, 2019

Color Run

Our Stake hosted a tri-stake youth activity at a state park near our home. I'm friends with the stake young women's president and she told me about the color run and suggested that we bring the whole family. With Andy currently serving in the young men's presidency, we thought "Why not?"

We loaded up both boys and our two strollers this morning and headed to Elijah Bristow State Park. Andy took Bubba in the double stroller with his stuffed pink monster. And I took Bear in the other stroller.

I walked 3.25 miles with a friend and Bear (this whole not being cleared to run thing didn't stop me from getting out). Bear slept almost the entire way. And Andy ran with Bubba. Bubba kept telling him to, "Go!" Sounds like they had a great time except for when someone threw green color on Bubba's stuffed pink monster-- he had a meltdown for about a quarter of a mile. I made sure pink monster got a bath when we got home.

After race snacks are the best!

Andy & Bubba.

It's not very often that Andy takes a selfie of just himself.

It was a lot of fun to see and visit with some of the youth from our old ward and to see the youth from our current ward having fun. I loved being out with our little family! It's these fun little excursions that are worth remembering.

Me & Bubba.

Bear chilling in the stroller.

Family photo- You can barely see the top of Bear's head peaking out.