March 19, 2019

An Update On Life

I sat down to work on my blog for a little bit tonight and realized that it has been awhile since I have sat down to really write. Life with two littles in very busy and I'm struggling to find a balance between being a full time wife and mother and taking some time for myself. I hoping in time that that balance will be restored.

I think it is safe to say that I have made it through the Postpartum Depression. I feel like myself and I am grateful that that chapter is over. I am currently going though physical therapy to address some of the issues that come with pregnancy/labor and delivery. I am not cleared to exercise beyond riding a stationary bicycle, this has been hard for me. I have some fitness goals that I would really like to tackle but they are on hold for the time being.

Andy is as busy as ever. He works 40+ hours a week at work. When he is not at work, Young Men's or helping with the boys he can often be found working on starting up his own company. His free time is next to none.

Bubba's vocabulary has taken off lately. He is learning lots of new words. We recently started helping him say prayers. He loves Jesus and enjoys going to Nursery at church. He loves all things chocolate. He likes watching Daniel Tiger and carrying around his Daniel Tiger toys. He loves trucks. He has taken a liking to coloring. I bought him some special markers that only color on special paper (so he can't color everything in the house). He will color on each page of his coloring book say, "All done", close the book, flip to the beginning and start all over again-- he will do this for hours. He won't let anybody else color with him either. It makes my Mommy heart happy to see him color. He is a fabulous big brother and is always looking out for Bear.

Bear is growing bigger each and every day. He loves when we interact with him. He enjoys his swing, kicking his legs and his stuffed hippo. He also enjoys sucking on his hands. I am grateful for his calm disposition. It feels like he has been apart of our family for ever. Our family wouldn't be complete without him.