February 12, 2019


Several years ago when I was living in Utah, I received some handmade Valentine's in the mail from my Mom and my little sister. The two of them decided to make a bunch of Valentine's for some sort of non-profit group and they decided to send a few to me. I loved these Valentine's! I hung them up on the wall of my cubicle at work, so I would see them every single day and be reminded that I was loved.

Fast forward a few years to 2018. I made a bunch of Valentine's for Bubba and we mailed them out to some of the little kids in the extended family.

I wanted to make Valentine's again this year for both of the boys to send out. I knew if I was going to do it that I had to start early. Back in September I started gathering my supplies and around Christmas I started making Valentine's.

Initially I planned to just send them out to the kids again. And then I started feeling ambitious and decided to send them to all of Andy's extended family, my immediate family, some of our close friends and the elderly ladies in the neighborhood who live alone. I made more Valentine's than I would like to admit. I wanted to show the important people in our lives that we care and they are loved, I hope we accomplished that.

Bubba helped me stuff the envelopes and he tried to eat the glue stick on more than one occasion. Maybe next year he will be big enough that he can help me some more. He loved putting Valentine's in the mailbox with me and would say, "Mail" each time we would go drop them off.

Two people sent Bubba and Bear Valentine's in return. Bubba was so excited! He loved getting mail! (He's been known to cry when there isn't any mail in the mailbox).