March 21, 2018

Bubba At 16 Months

Time is a funny thing. The days seem long, yet the weeks seem to fly by. Being parents brings a lot of joy into our lives. We definitely have days here and there that are more trying and challenging than others, but mostly we have good days. I relish the time that I am able to spend with Bubba. Each day he learns and grows, before I know it though he will be all grown up. I wish that there was a way to push pause or slow down in life-- for me, life is passing by far too quickly.

Bubba is very much a "Mama's boy." He is my sidekick, it is a rare thing if he chooses to play in a room that I am not in.  He loves to cuddle and be held. He is very much an explorer, he has explored every inch of our home that he can. He loves to help with "chores." When I grab a broom to sweep, he grabs a smaller broom and follows me around the house. He likes to help unload the dishwasher, he grabs the plates one at a time and hands them to me to put in the cupboard. He also enjoys putting the clothes in the dryer. I purposely drop socks on the floor so he can pick them up and put them in the dryer. He loves to help and be involved.

Each day he runs to the sliding glass door with his egg basket in anticipation of feeding the chickens our scraps and collecting eggs. He is so much fun to see the excitement on his face in anticipation of going outside.

We going walking and stop and to play at the park nearly every day. This is something we both very much enjoy. Bubba loves going down the slide and he hates the swings.

Bubba typically sleeps 12-13 hours straight each night and takes one 2-3 hour nap each morning.

He is a really good eater and he lets you know if he isn't in the mood for something.

At sixteen months he can say a handful of words, the phrase we hear most often though is E-I-E-I-AHHH. He sings it and it is the cutest thing! Other words he says include: yes, Dad, Mom, og (a.k.a. dog).

We sure love our little Bubba and we are so glad that he is part of our family!