November 13, 2017

Cousin Time

The week started off taking you in to get part one of your flu shot, Bubba. You did surprisingly well! You cried for a moment and that was it. We were in and out of the doctors office lickity split.

This is currently your favorite book- I Love You Through & Through.

Your Aunt Sadie, Aunt Megan and cousin Hazel came down to visit us this weekend. Hazel while three weeks younger than you, is a lot bigger than you. She has been walking for about a month now and she took you down several times. You cried a lot. Then there were moments where the two of you would play with each other or steal each other's binkies-- it was fun to watch!

We went on a walk with the extended family along the river in Eugene, it was a beautiful fall day and it was so nice to be outside. We grabbed some lunch and did a little thrift shopping while they were here. It's nice to have family come and visit us once in awhile.

As far as development goes, you took your first "real" bath. By real bath I mean, not in your baby bath tub, but in the big tub and you enjoyed it. I had tried giving you baths in the big tub before and you hated it and screamed the whole time. I'm counting this as a milestone.