September 18, 2017

Canning & Crawling

Well little one, fall is in the air. Fall is my absolute favorite season, I hope you learn to love fall as much as I do someday. This week we did fall like things: we frozen 60 pounds of peaches, we canned 30 quarts of pickles and 18 quarts of tomatoes, and we made a lot of roasted red pepper soup and tomato soup to eat this next year.

My little helper.

The final product.

I have a love hate relationship with canning. I love seeing all of the fresh produce, I love seeing the final product and eating everything, but it is a lot of work! The work is worth it though, home canned food tastes so much better!

We discovered you love fresh tomatoes.

And you love fresh cucumbers.

You reached a high milestone this week, Bubba- you started crawling. It looks more like an army man crawl, you move your arms but not your legs. Crawling the way you do looks like a lot of work. You are one strong and determined little boy. I can't believe you are mobile! You are growing up too fast! Please slow down, please.

That face just melts my heart.

You have a voice and you sure let us know when you object.