December 10, 2015

Thursday Thought

While at work one day, a co-worker said, "Why are you always so happy?" I thought for a moment and said, "There is not a lot to be unhappy about." He seemed content with that answer. Over the course of the week, he continued to make comments about how I am always so happy and smiley.

What I wanted to say was, "Because I'm Mormon and I have a personal relationship with God! And it is the BEST thing in the world! Right up there with my husband *wink wink*

Some history: Before I went in to interview, I was given a heads up that I would be asked if I would be offended by occasional swear words. I was also told not to mention church. Fast forward-- I got the job, people occasionally swear, and I mention that I go to church. But, I have done as I was cautioned and I don't bring up church stuff unless someone asks me a question. Surprisingly, I have had quite a few missionary moments.

This whole experience though with the question about why I am so happy has got me thinking. Life isn't always easy, at times it can be really hard. But life is so good and so beautiful! I love having a personal relationship with my Heavenly Father. He is a source of strength in my life. I know He hears my never ending prayers and He answers them. I know He loves me and He loves you. You can have a relationship with Him too! I know He wants that!

Pray to Him. Ask for help, the help will come. Study the scriptures. Listen to uplifting music. K-Love anyone? Serve. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Smile. Be kind. And most of all be happy! There may be a lot of bad in the world, but it is hard to see the bad when you surround yourself with the good.

Carpe Diem!