November 9, 2015

Weekend In Review

This past weekend went by way too fast! It seems like that's how weekends tend to go around here. The song lyrics, "Everybody's working for the weekend" ring true in our household.


Friday night we had the missionaries over for dinner. We have three sets of missionaries in our ward right now and hadn't had a chance to meet these elders yet. We enjoyed visiting with them and stuffing our faces. We ate "Sweet Chicken" Cafe Rio style and some yummy cookies that I had made earlier in the week.

 The one elder was super funny. He poured himself a glass of water and said, "You make good water." Andy and I just laughed. We put cranberries, lemon, and mint in the water and apparently it tasted really good.

We had fun with the elders and hope to have them over again soon!


We went with the youth to the temple to do baptisms. There were more than enough adults so Andy and I went and did initiatories and sealings instead. I always feel the Spirit so strongly when I am in the temple.

For us going to the temple requires a whole day because of the long drive. But doing work in the Lord's house is so worth it!


Unfortunately, Andy had to work. We don't like when he has to work on Sunday, but there isn't much we can do about it at this point. I manned our Sunday School class and taught the girls in Young Women's. It made for a long day.

It was so nice to come home and be with my husband. We took our typically Sunday afternoon nap, it was badly needed.

Then we finished the evening off at our friend's house with dinner and games.

Overall it was a good weekend, it just went by too quickly.