October 13, 2015

Weekend In Review

This weekend was simply relaxing and just what we needed.


Friday was had a date-in, sometimes those are just what you need. We stayed up late, cuddled on the couch, and watched a movie.



We threw on our hiking gear, hopped in the car, and headed out to find a trail. We drove about an hour or so south until we found our desired trail head. We hiked on two different trails, for a total of about two miles and saw two different waterfalls.

I found the first trail head.


Andy & I. We're just a little excited!

Andy & I.


The second trail head.

It is definitely fall here in Oregon and it made for perfect hiking conditions. The temperature was just right, not too hot and not too cold. It was overcast and sprinkled a little bit on us.

Pinard Falls.

Me & Andy

Having fun!

Love him!


Throwing rocks.


The deciduous trees are changing color right now and the colors are absolutely stunning against the green of the evergreen trees. I tried to snap a few pictures but the pictures don't compare to the vibrant colors and beauty we saw.

I think one of the reasons I love hiking is because it reminds me that God exists. He created the beautiful scenery for me to enjoy and I can't help but feel His love when I am on the trail.

One of the two rainbows.

On our way homes the heavens opened and it poured. The rain was a welcomed gift, it hasn't rained here in sooo long. I can't remember the last time that it really rained, spring time...maybe? I love the rain and have really missed it. Along with the rain came a beautiful double rainbow.

I can't wait to go hiking again! I has been four long months since I have been able to hike, that is four months too long. Thank you stress fracture (sarcasm). Here's hoping my foot will continue to heal.


We went to church. I know I say it every week, but I'm going to say it again. I LOVE going to church each Sunday!

I can't go to church and leave not feeling uplifted and edified. All of the meetings were wonderful. I think the thing that stood out most to me though was a thought shared by one of the Young Women. She has just gotten home from Youth Conference the night before and shared this thought.

She said something along the lines of this, "People say God won't give you more than you can handle. We all face trials and hardships, the trials are to help us learn and grow. When life gets hard, it's our job to pick ourselves up out of the dirt and keep pressing on. We need to have faith the God knows what he is doing." --I love this! It is so true!