July 9, 2014

Hiking Big Springs

On Friday May 2nd we were able to spend some time with our friends Trent and Kirsten and their son Tanner. We (Kirsten and I) thought it would be fun to hike Big Springs in Provo Canyon.  We had heard that the trail was a pretty flat and 4 miles round trip.
Andy thought it was pretty cool that this tree was growing out of another tree that had fallen over.
The hike was not flat at all; it was a gradual incline the entire way. When we reached the area where the springs were supposed to be, we quickly discovered that the spring had already dried up for the year. It was kind of disappointing. On a positive note we saw some wild turkeys. I would make my turkey noise and they would talk back to me. It was pretty entertaining.
Me and Andy.
I think out of the four of us that Trent got the best workout. He carried Tanner on his back the entire way. Way to go Trent!
Tanner and Trent.
Tanner and a sweaty Trent.
Trent and Andy.
After our hike we headed back to the house to eat food and play some games. It was a great night!