January 3, 2014

Unwelcomed Guests Come To Visit

Andy thought it would be a good idea to bring the hose in for the winter (he said the hose would last longer if we brought it in). I wasn't so down with the idea of bringing the hose in because it was dirty. We came to an agreement, Andy could bring the hose in if he washed it off. So Andy brought the hose it and put it in the tub and there is sat for several weeks.

One night Andy walked down the hallway and said, "Come check out this huge spider." I had just walked down the hallway two minutes before and didn't see anything. I walked back into the hallway and to my surprise a black widow was climbing up my wall and I freaked. We suspected that the spider came out of the heat vent.

Exactly one week later I found another black widow in the tub with the hose. The mystery as to where the spiders had come from was instantly solved. The spiders had made their home in the hose reel. Andy put on some gloves and hauled the hose and hose reel outside with the spider hanging from it.

The next day, Andy called an exterminator to come spray and we haven't seen a spider since. It's a little unnerving not knowing if there are poisonous spiders lurking in your home. We learned a valuable lesson from this experience, the hose is best kept outside.