December 7, 2013

Crazy Course 5k + Ferris Wheel

On Saturday November 9th, Andy and I ran the Crazy Course 5k in Draper. It was a last minute decision to run this race and we are both glad we did. This was the first timed 5k I have run since high school cross country and I wanted to see what I could do (Note: I have not been running consistently). My sister Megan came with us to cheer us on.

Before our race.

I think this was one of the hardest courses I have ever run before. It was really hard to gauge how far into the fun we were as there were no timers, mile markers or water station. I am really proud of Andy for toughing it out, he is not a runner.

I took 22nd place overall and 5th for my age group. Andy finished 7th in his age group and 38th overall.

Would we run this race again? With some more training, I think so. Afterwards Andy kept saying that he was ready to go run another 5k right then.

After our race we headed over to The Pie for some pizza. We love The Pie, they serve some great pizza! Our favorite is the Buffalo Chicken Ranch, it's heavenly.

Our last stop was Scheels. We had some tokens to ride the ferris wheel in their store. Unbeknownst to Andy, Megan and I are both terrified of ferris wheels. Our conversation went something like this.

Andy: I'm going to rock the cart.
Me: Don't you dare. The sign says you can't rock the cart or they will kick you off immediately.
Andy: Oh, well that's not any fun.

We proceed to board the ferris wheel and I sit between Megan and Andy. As they continue to load other passengers onto the ride, the cart rocks. Megan and I start to freak out a little bit. Andy leans forward to look at us and laugh and the cart rocks some more.

Me and Megan: Andy don't rock the cart.
Andy: I'm not rocking the cart. (laughs and the cart rocks some more) Are you guys afraid of the ferris wheel?

Me and Megan: Yes, we are terrified!

Andy proceeds to rock the cart and laugh and Megan and I freak out.

Me: Stop being a butt head.

Andy: Did you just call me a butt head? (he thought this was really funny and laughed really hard, I have never called him a butt head before)

In front of us a grandma was riding with her grandson (the grandson looked to be about 5 years old). The little grandson kept turning around and looking at us a laughing. I think he thought it was pretty funny that we were afraid of the ferris wheel.

As soon as everyone boarded the ferris wheel and it started moving, things weren't so bad. The loading part was the worst. I can't say that I have plans to get on another ferris wheel anytime soon.

Me and Andy in Scheels.

Me and Megan.

Megan and the grizzly. Look at those claws.